I am a millennial, I am a programmer, I am an entrepreneur and I live in my parents house. My timeline of cutting post secondary in 2012, rolling the dice on a whole new type of institute called Bitmaker (formally Bitmaker Labs), fast tracking personal learning has gotten me where I am today. Typing away in the stereo-typed scene of a writer, drinking a coffee, sitting at a Starbucks. However the only difference between the large rimmed glasses man in the stereo-type, I’m still living with my parents.

A little bit of background of the house I live in a…

Quick Link Scan and Apple’s Live Text Icon

Apple is about to release iOS 15 which includes a new feature called “Live Text”. Where you can capture text directly from a photo or your camera. Now this feature is not new, however it has never been natively build into the iOS mobile operating system since this year.

Now Quick Link Scan is an app that JBMD has been working on for a couple years and the app allows you to capture text directly from your camera. Sounds familiar right, well on the top level it might sound the same but Quick Link Scan has some added features.


Property owned by Apple.com

iOS 15 is weeks away from dropping to the public and there is a new feature that Apple is calling “Live Text”. Where you can capture text right from a your camera or from a past photo. Now that might sound great, but you might want to check some things before jumping on the bandwagon to use this feature in iOS 15.

This feature is not necessarily new, but it is now baked right into the native Apple software to speed up the process around it. Similar apps that are comparable are Google Lens, Word Capture and Quick Link Scan.

Google Lens (Left) & Apple Live Text (Right)

As we close off the summer and we move into the Fall, we know that Apple new iOS version will be out soon. In the summer, Apple showing off the new 15th version of iOS during their yearly WWDC which included a new feature they are calling “Live Text”.

Live Text is actually part of a bigger step further into a recognition using machine learning and OCR technologies and give a native experience in enriching data and processes. Apple’s answer to the the Google Lens project that has been out since October 2017.

Now Apple has been working towards this…

Machine learning in the last decade has defined the next version of computer processes and opened doors to more personal, more persist and more reliable experiences with the use of technology.

Included in the last decade is a huge onset of cyrpto currencies and stock market trading for the masses. The new markets are no longer restrited by walled gardens, massive fees and big organization control. Everyday people are trading and trying to make some extra money in the process.

As we view both these massive sectors coming in, there is no question about how both could be joined together…

If you do not know what Quick Link Scan is, it’s an app that I developed a couple of years ago. The original version only supported URL scanning, with the ability to do so from a printed poster, takeout menu, business card, or wherever else you may find one, just by scanning it with your phone.

Recently, I supported social.

The Elevator Pitch

An app that allows you to open social media platforms by scanning an account tag or hashtag.

At the time this article was written, this is an iOS-only application, built on top of ML Kit from Google’s…

Everyone goes though a bluey couple of months. The sun is out for 1% of the day and it seems that every time you go outside it’s dark. The motivation in any way or form is not there and all you want to do is come home, stretch out and call it a day.

Apparently this is a bad use of your time, I know who knew. Due to the decrease of energy if this bluey period, your goals for the year, that New Years resolution or any other ideas you wanted to put down on paper get held up…

Starting 2018, the Ontario government has put in place a new minimum wage increase that is set to also increase next year as well. Now there is a lot of opinions surrounding this steep incline, however rising tips are a concerning act happening in the industry of restaurants.

Inside the restaurant industry, the people who take your order, ring in your check and collect the tip at the end get paid less per hour to offset the additional money made in tips. However the tip amount they walk away with a staggering 93–97% of the tip.

I am pretty young…

In less than 48 hours there will be a new iPhone shown by Apple, not the various leaks over the last 48 years it feels like. And with the newest and greatest, comes the biggest changes to the iOS platform since the App Store.

If any of the designs are correct, which all leaked information is telling us an edge-to-edge is coming. And with an edge-to-edge design comes a whole new way of designing for the iOS platform. No more allowing or disabling the status bar based on the design of your app, but of what Apple choice. …

Over the last couple of months, I have been commiting to the next generation and purchasing HomeKit devices, allowing me to control my house through technology.

Smart devices for your house have been around for a couple years now, the more popular devices being the Nest, EcoBee and Hue lighting system. All three have been able to make a niche industry into a business model and they are doing very well, especially since smart devices have been growing in popularity year over year.

I started with a small receptacle by iHome which was a great starter device. It is simple…

Tyler Hackbart

Indie is my Rap, Macs are my Computers, Writing is my Hope, Programming is my Staircase, Part of Bitmaker Labs cohort #5!

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