Building In Public: Newbie Edition

Tyler Hackbart
3 min readAug 6, 2022


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If you have clicked through and are reading this now, you are either just getting started with #buildingInPublic or you have failed multiple attempts and still haven’t unlocked the potential of it.

You are not alone.

I too have tried and tried. But the thing about #buildingInPublic is it’s not a one-and-done kind of process. It requires a lot of work. It’s not an overnight success story that plasters billboards. Here are some things to consider, to be aware of and maybe inspire you to approach it slightly differently.

The social problem

Social media is built on a fog. You don’t tend to see all the work involved in getting to the point. And sometimes there are unrealistic expectations in the person you follow on their #buildingInPublic journey. I know it's a cliche but Rome really wasn’t built in one day, so to assume and compare yourself to someone great in the field doesn’t bode well for your self-esteem nor your drive to continue #buildingInPublic.

Pothole of doubt #1 — Expecting overnight success

Building a personal brand

With #buildingInPublic there is a personal aspect to consider. Not many people will follow you unless you have a common interest. To show and provide a reason you need a touch of personality. It can’t be all business all the time or it feels like ads more than engaging content.

I follow numerous people on Twitter like:

@tdinh_me ~ Working on + others

@EthanLipnik ~ Working on Acrylic

@gouthamjay8 ~Working on Famewall

@ThePeterMick ~Working on +others

All of them are not out to make millions (Actually everyone is, but 🤫), their core is that they just want to make the best ideas. And that is a very powerful motivator both for the person and the audience that follows them.

Pothole of doubt #2 — All business, no fun

Building a community

This is where #buildingInPublic really shows its full potential. As you expand your community and reach, your own idea grows. As your community grows, it will allow you to focus on even more ideas. And since you have already been posting in public, you will continue to post and share your growth. New ideas get instant gratification. Product Hunt #1 Product of the Day badges, instant signups and an MMR influx (Monthly recurring revenue if you are new to this, that is okay, again you aren’t alone).

However, as an outsider looking into #buildingInPublic, this is where discouragement can start to unravel your drive to pursing #buildingInPublic yourself. Where you start comparing your growth to people that are in a whole different level than you. However don’t forget, they have gone through all the same growth periods as you have.

Pothole of doubt #3 — Comparing instead of focusing.

It gets easier… right? Everyone starts somewhere.

There isn’t one perfect guidebook for #buildingInPublic. Some people might sell you a book on it but it requires more than just reading or watching videos about it. It requires work and an idea, even if your ideas aren’t amazing, you might be surprised at what people give back to you during your #buildingInPublic journey. If not MMR, advice on the next big thing.

Anything is possible when #buildingInPublic.

Perfect memes don’t ex….

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