Winter Productivity: 40% is always better than 0%

Everyone goes though a bluey couple of months. The sun is out for 1% of the day and it seems that every time you go outside it’s dark. The motivation in any way or form is not there and all you want to do is come home, stretch out and call it a day.

Apparently this is a bad use of your time, I know who knew. Due to the decrease of energy if this bluey period, your goals for the year, that New Years resolution or any other ideas you wanted to put down on paper get held up, pushing those deadlines even further. Ended up biting you in the ass when the sun actually comes out and you were suppose to be 4 months deep in your year.

Never fear, never commit and indirectly you will never fail

If you, like me, feel down around the winter months, allow yourself time to not do as much. Allow yourself to take that break and to chill one night. Make sure you work on things that are still in the front of your brain and are still excited about. Don’t tackle the boring stuff.

Even if you do 40% of the work you wanted, that still gives you a leg up when spring comes around. You will still be 40% of the way done and not looking at the list with 0% done. Even if you get 100% done on Netflix, your productivity is still 0% of that total.

40% is always better than 0

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