The key to my house is Siri, the key to my life is my iPhone

Over the last couple of months, I have been commiting to the next generation and purchasing HomeKit devices, allowing me to control my house through technology.

Smart devices for your house have been around for a couple years now, the more popular devices being the Nest, EcoBee and Hue lighting system. All three have been able to make a niche industry into a business model and they are doing very well, especially since smart devices have been growing in popularity year over year.

I started with a small receptacle by iHome which was a great starter device. It is simple and does one thing, turns on and off. But the thing that most websites don’t tell you is the learning curve of switching from a routine of turning on something physically to pressing a button on your iPhone. That was especially the case when I purchased the Hue lighting set which does not require any physically touch on the lamp to be made except through the app. It may take a while to adjust, but once you have it, it becomes second nature. And 6 month into a home connected house, it has been build into my routine now.

More recently I purchased the August Smart Lock which allows me to unlock my door remotely using Siri, or while I walk up to the door it will auto unlock for me. Again creating a whole new routine, that changes how to interact with your house.

And with more devices allows more customization. Allowing you to turn on lights when the door unlocks, telling Siri goodnight and having it turn down the lights and the temperature while you sleep. There are many different ways smart devices as a collective entity changes routines in your living space.

The key to the smart house and all the abilities baked into a system like this is the iPhone. And with Apple selling iPhones like hotcakes, these smart devices in the niche industry have been able to grow in size and be able to get their devices in the a much wider audience.

Indie is my Rap, Macs are my Computers, Writing is my Hope, Programming is my Staircase, Part of Bitmaker Labs cohort #5!

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