Stock Market Analytics with ML — Resources

  1. Writing and fitting a use case for me, might not be the use case for you. I have been down the path of hours learning a way to do something in a tutorial and it ended up being completely different than what I want / need out of it. Which just ends up frustrating me.
  2. Technology changes, version of languages and functionality change. Writing something today could be obsolete tomorrow. (As of Mar 21, 2021) There is 3,520,000 million…. MILLION results on Google when searching “stock market machine learning tutorials” — Find the one that works for you, don’t let me box you in.

Notes for Resources

  • Don’t pay for ONLY one course, pay into a service like LinkedIn Learning that gives you a range of resources. They usually give you the first month free too so if you play your cards fast it might even be free to learn.
  • When searching tutorials add in timeframe of past 2 years. There are a lot of resources out there but a lot of old stuff too. Make sure you are searching for recent and relative things.
Search with refined timeframe, so you get more recent results
Custom search past 2 years, don’t use “Any time”


  • Python
  • Javascript

Packages / Frameworks


Data Sources

Resources Used in the Past

<h1>Happy Coding </h1>



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Tyler Hackbart


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