Starting a business living in your parents house

I am a millennial, I am a programmer, I am an entrepreneur and I live in my parents house. My timeline of cutting post secondary in 2012, rolling the dice on a whole new type of institute called Bitmaker (formally Bitmaker Labs), fast tracking personal learning has gotten me where I am today. Typing away in the stereo-typed scene of a writer, drinking a coffee, sitting at a Starbucks. However the only difference between the large rimmed glasses man in the stereo-type, I’m still living with my parents.

A little bit of background of the house I live in a farm house. I come from a semi medium sized family of 6, so you can imagine there are a lot of bedrooms dormant since everyone except me have cleared out.

Many of the transactions I do with my parents are around general information; news, weather and family. Most of the mentions of working on either my full time programming job or my side projects go over their heads. My father to this day still doesn’t know how to use google maps without asking 10,000 questions. Even if I mention having to work on something, the usual rebuttal is “oh just playing on the computer you mean.”

Practically for the last decade, I have worked a weekend job to get out of the house, and since starting to move the pieces for this small business, I have transitioned to a stay at home lifestyle. For a place that I tried to avoid for so long to get out of the house, to not be passed, distracted or disturbed the tables have really done a 360. And the focus of a business has devolved the disturbances.

When it comes down to it, I think the most important part is having your own space, an escape. The area that may not necessary is own by you but is for you.

If you are a millennial like me, focus on opportunity, don’t focus on the disturbances.

Indie is my Rap, Macs are my Computers, Writing is my Hope, Programming is my Staircase, Part of Bitmaker Labs cohort #5!