ResearchKit Shines in the Data Driven Future

Today WebMD announced a new application for pregnancy app that uses Apple’s ResearchKit framework. This framework along with the CareKit have been health data driven frameworks that open health care to a greater audience. ResearchKit is centred around collecting data about patients in a continuous order and longer spans of time, replacing the need to go in to hospitals or research facilities everyday. The main benefit for the ability to open a framework for supporting this allows to reach across the demographic and not a specific party in a city. It is a low entry cost for a bigger audience of user data.

For applications that support these frameworks, anyone with an iPhone can contribute to the studies. Which drives down costs for research projects like the pregnancy app from WebMD and other health care facilities.

Data is everything, especially for using data to figure out a solution.

This might be basic as weekly updates or diagnosing muscle problems early on with just a basic test on tapping on the screen. Research projects are the most important research component out there and it is expensive for hospitals to run multitudes of projects that span months of research and restricting results by location. With this framework, they will be able to reach a wider audience and will collect data that will contribute to medical breakthroughs.

ResearchKit and CareKit were introduced beside each other a little over a year ago and have already turned heads with using technology to expand on research studies with the use of technology.

Other ResearchKit Apps Out there:

Parkinson mPower Study App — Sage Bionetworks

GlucoSuccess (diabetes) — Massachusetts General Hospital

MyHeart Counts (cardio health) — Stanford University

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