New Office, dare I say my most productive setup ever

Tyler Hackbart
3 min readFeb 28


Over the last 4 months, I have been trying to find, place and finalize everything in it. I created my opportune office space. Let me show you it

New Office Layout and Items

The Walls

I started with two whiteboard boards and have had walls of whiteboards for nearly 10 years now. I also had two of my favourite posters on my walls already, but this time, wanted something more apparent to showcase and add a little colour to my walls.

I started to design little pop art with some of my favourite designs that Apple showcases over the years. Many iterations went through how to shape, colour combinations and making sure they all worked together. Most of them started on just a simple post-it note (which actually inspired my new series called Jot to Dot).

Glance up and see Apple Pop Art

It took many months however I finally got them printed and placed at the end of 2022, it’s what I glance up at while sitting at my desk now.

The Desk

Now for the desk, I tried a couple of different monitors and researched a lot. I even purchased the Samsung M8 (3) and tried it for a couple of weeks. I really wanted that monitor to work because it checked all the boxes but the wobble plastic, over-brightened display and not being able to get good colour accuracy, it just didn’t work.

I ended up with a Studio Display which was a bit out of the price range I wanted to spend but it checked all the boxes of what I needed as well. The ability to adjust brightness directly from the keyboard instead of going through four levels of settings on the monitor was very high on my list for those late-night coding sessions.

For my desktop, I knew I wanted to continue the trend of a clean workspace so I bought a tray to hold all the things I use and then lined my desk up to my bookshelf which houses all the additional things I use once in a while. Gather (First generation) from Ugmonk was a kickstarted I backed a long time ago and has been a staple on my desks for many years to hold post-its, pens, dry-erase markers and more.

When I work on work work, I converted my work area from a yellow pad to a mini whiteboard which has been working very well both on cutting down on paper and being able to still comfortably track my day-to-day. I have been trying to find a solution and even used my iPad for a period but I ended back at the yellow pad for a quick glance and note-taking. I had hesitations when I first was researching a whiteboard solution, but with the little whiteboard I found (double-sided too) and ultra-fine dry eraser markers it just works.

The Items

See something you like but don’t know what it is? Reach out and I will send you a link (if there is one for it)

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