Even before the drastic changes, I’m changing how I design

In less than 48 hours there will be a new iPhone shown by Apple, not the various leaks over the last 48 years it feels like. And with the newest and greatest, comes the biggest changes to the iOS platform since the App Store.

If any of the designs are correct, which all leaked information is telling us an edge-to-edge is coming. And with an edge-to-edge design comes a whole new way of designing for the iOS platform. No more allowing or disabling the status bar based on the design of your app, but of what Apple choice. The cut outs of the top will probably still have the functionality of turning them off and on, but the real-estate of them will probably not be accessible by the developer.

Another big change coming is the cumbersome tab designs on the bottom of the screen. We have allowed navigation to be centred around this design because it was convent for the user, but has became more of a hassle than anything with bigger and bigger screens. It’s the same argument for the home button at the bottom of the screen, however with the new iPhone it is not there to be argued anymore.

As I sit here designing a new layout, I am taking all the hardware designs changes into account and it has created a new cleaner, almost elegant design and for that, I am excited for the next generation of designs.

Happy iPhone Day

Indie is my Rap, Macs are my Computers, Writing is my Hope, Programming is my Staircase, Part of Bitmaker Labs cohort #5!

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