I have been on the fence about purchasing a new lunchbox like this. I have looked into container based lunches for a while now and have found a previous lunchbox company called Prepd

Fittbo is a one shape version that is like a sleeve like lunchbox. It is very thin which is one of the draw backs in why I waited so long to order one.

I will not get this lunchbox till December or longer, but I have a solution for wanting one now. Enters the other company I have had my eye on for many years now: Prepd

I have followed these guys since they ran their own kickstarted about two years ago and have made a wonderful product. I am intrigued by them for multiple reasons but the biggest ones are the ability to change up the containers based on a specific day. They came in small square containers, long containers and a large sandwich container. The only disconnect is the drink option. Both lunchboxes I have mention have this issue though. The other feature that I very much enjoy is the Prepd app that you can download from the app store, they have set meals for the boxes that you can make and enjoy. They have filters and healthy options for people.

Both lunch boxes have their draws and their cons. I will be getting a Prepd later on this month once I start committing to a more healthy lunch box.

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