As technology has become the forefront of our lives, there has been a greater shift in simplifying every corner of your life with the use of technology. Many years ago, a computer used by 1% hobbies using basic command promps as the only means to interact with the screen. We have grown past that, grew through easy portal devices, moving away from home base systems to portable laptops that are as light as 2 pound. And this is all thanks to the advances of technology, but surprisingly enough we are only at the beginning of the biggest category ever, consumer technology.

As our world shifts into a paperless, social engaging, creative society there is a common denominator to all of those and that is technology and the position it plays.

Technology has been and will be the building blocks of anything for many years to come. There are many places that technology compliments tasks to run smoother, easier and collect data while doing it. Data which can be then used to make it smoother and easier, the continuous cycle.

The biggest shifts that we have seen as the new frontiers for technology are VR and AR system creations, automation which has a long list of application in the world. Self-driving cars are kind of a compliment of automation but it should not be taken lightly as self-driving and the technology involved would allow a deeper hold in abilities to move things quicker and safer. Which would then allow us to create complete self driving cars, trucks, trains and even spaceships with complete continous calculated automation.

The future is ever changing, technology with it

Indie is my Rap, Macs are my Computers, Writing is my Hope, Programming is my Staircase, Part of Bitmaker Labs cohort #5!

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